Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Abyssea: Scars

Dual meaning! Last night we tried to get the Doffled Poroggo hat key-item so we could pop Misareaux's zone boss (quest boss). That thing is highly sought-after. the first time I pulled it, it didn't even aggro or come after me, the second time I ran into some big river rocks and died in a hasty pull trying to beat someone else going after it. Still, it wasn't a bad run.

Black Rabbit
Npfundlwa dropped Fortune Abyssite that increases the rate at which Pyxis appear. It's nothing conclusive but based on the rest of the run it seemed powerful. Seal drops where "meh". Though it did help get Magnumm his WHM pants along with another WHM seal drop later on. Rabbit's dust cloud TP ability does very little damage and it only uses that one. It's probably soloable.

Some Bad Pot
Tuskertrap went badly. I popped when I saw there was room, but didn't see someone engage one of the boartraps trying to clear the way for a pull. So, in essence it only left 1 DD tank. It was clearly not enough as it attacks fast and for decently high numbers. I was unweakened but again left to tank solo, after another DD got up they were trying to solo tank again. So we couldn't recover after a bad start and lost the pop. Some people said we needed a real tank, but honestly I think 3 DD/NIN tanks is enough as long as they're all up at the same time bouncing hate. We had a bad start, and that's why it seemed hard.

Minax Bugard has either weird hate or the BLM's were just blasting too much. If there's weird hate at all and it's a hate reset ability then it's probably Heavy Bellow. If it's not, then it's just fast decay or nothing at all. Either way, he's very non-threatening.

I spit on you
Gukumatz didn't seem to cause as much of a problem with hate reset as I expected. 3 DD tanks were able to keep it off mages. I suppose it didn't live long enough to really spam the eyes move that resets hate.

Sirrush spams snowball which means no stun move, no petrification and nothing dangerous at all as it doesn't do a lot of damage. So, again, tier1 NM's prove to be simple.

Nehebkau uses a breath move that stuns for a long time and it gets Shock Spikes, but because we have 3 people bouncing hate, most of its hits still hit shadows. This one put out a SAM legs seal which put me at 3/8. We raced to Heqet (frog) after this fight only to lose claim due to a crappy puller (me).

I don't believe we caught any of the mobs' weaknesses. I asked Tipira to cast all his spells to try and find them, and I'm not sure it worked on any. However, I'm inclined to believe we did get a weakness on Gukumatz because it dropped more than 1 item, which was the tendency the rest of the mobs had that day.

Heqet RNG solo?
I found out that if you do a ranged attack to Heqet from maximum range, it doesn't aggro. The name goes red then yellow after a couple of seconds. If it doesn't move in between shots due to the deaggro cooldown, a RNG could probably make this the easiest solo ever. [Edit: this doesn't work, obviously. It just takes two actions to aggro it. Amun has the same problem.]

Coming Soon
Unable to get zone boss pop set is disappointing, but I believe it should be easier to do this in Attohwa Chasm. Misareaux is probably the most accessible and most popular Scars of Abyssea zone. I hope Attohwa will have little to no competition for the Chigoe NM, which is the only free-spawn NM needed for the quest boss trigger set. We'll also try and get Sojourn Abyssite from the treant NM. Loading up on Abyssites will help us as a group so trying to side-track from gear-dropping NM's for these is worth the time.

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