Monday, January 17, 2011

Tavnazia win

Another milestone in my FFXI career! I say that non-ironically, cus it IS like a job at times. I wish I had better screenshots, but I wasn't at the actual fight. Many of us weren't. Of the 15 people in attendance last Sunday, only 5 had the pleasure of facing off against Diabolos Spade.

After a decent haul of AF and Hydra junk we went back down to the Umbral Diabolos gauntlet. The first attempt (two weeks prior) we aggro'd 3, I believe. We killed one but AoE destroyed us pretty fast as we were clustered together. Everyone did a good job of crossing this time, aggroing only 1. Magnumm was on SMN to Perfect Defense the melee party, but after 5 people got across one of the Umbrals decided to come very close to the entrance of the tunnel and chill. With an obstructed view of the rest of the tunnel there was no way of making a calculated decision and timing a run. I decided they'd have to do it without PD. Three melees, a BRD and a WHM ended up winning in what seemed a pretty bumpy fight from their HP bars, which is all I had to go by. Two of the three DD bit the dust, but I got the "too far to gain experience" message only 10 or so seconds after I saw them KO. Total fight time is probably under a minute. I wish I could relate more interesting observations, but this is all I have!

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