Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend update 15

Still no pictures. Gotten into the bad habit of not taking screenshots again. I don't turn on Fraps until I need to take an attendance picture. I just hope this entry isn't too boring.

Samurai WS set
I recently got Heafoc Mitts and Unkai Sune-Ate +2 for a nice +6 STR to my WS equipment. I've held back on buying a Pyrosoul Ring, because I don't think (looking at my current funds) 1 STR should cost 800k compared ot the second best option (1.1M vs 300k Vulcan Rings). However, soon it may be the cheapest buyable upgrade, since prices will drop and I doubt I'll save up and buy a Hachiryu Haidate even if I am able to keep a 5-hit with Kikugosaku. Due to Twilight Mail being optimal in more situations than Byrnie +1 for Tachi: Fudo and always better for Gekko, I currently don't have any plans to buy one.

Recently we did a Sky run where I averaged over 1k for Gekko damage. The WS damage outside Abyssea is a lot more predictable since you're not overloaded with DA/TA which can pump out some pretty crazy WS numbers. This is what I've been aiming for and I'm only two items away:

Masamune progress
I've avoided mentioning Masamune on this blog and in genereal, because despite having worked on trials for a while I don't want to give it too much attention in case I give up on it. However, I'm now almost certain that I've gotten beyond that point. I didn't start any prep work on trophy stages so I started pretty much from scratch two/three weeks ago. I've averaged 5 Carabosse gems per weekend since we started, while sharing drops with two LS mates. I estimate I'll be done with La Theine in 7 weeks time.

Farming pops solo has turned out to be very simple. I didn't do much research on Baba Yaga or La Theine Lieje, but both pose no threat to THF/DNC. With TH the trigger items drop consistently and so it's just a matter of spamming them until you get the drop. I've done it as THF/NIN a few times after we did a few Cara, and even then it's easy to stop Lieje's spell by WS'ign through it. It may even be more consistent than Violent Flourish. I hope that getting a few pops solo during the week will speed it up a bit and maybe cut it down 5 or 6 Saturdays of farming.

We recently got loads of Bullwhip Belts. We may be done with those for a while. It seems like there's little reason to go back to La Theine as a Linkshell now. Perhaps some Timarli Dastanas and Nusku's Sashes would interest people.

Got Ground Strike and Spiral Hell recently. Still quite a few weapons to go on WAR. In the process I learned Herculean Slash. Damage is constant with TP so it's easy to do some mod testing on it, and yet I didn't work it out precisely. Turns out it has a very strong VIT mod (not posted on Wiki). With Beyond+Ultimate+Mounted Champion and no other VIT from gear or MAB it did 1553 damage. When I swapped out MC for Griffon's Claw it only beat it by about 20 points of damage. So if GC is indeed 20% damage then the VIT mod is considerable. It doesn't have a STR mod at all. I didn't test INT or MND though. Since it's much more consistent than Jinpu it looks like an ideal Amber lights WS. I'm sure that with Ascetic's and proper gear 2k should be easily obtainable.

Awesome music tip #1

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