Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Job Adjustment Wishlist

Shut up. It's my blog.

THF aka Ranger wannabe
I want:
  • higher damage bolts for ranged DD'ing
  • TH upgrades to be able to proc on ranged attacks
  • Trick Attack to work on ranged attacks
  • more debuff bolts like stun and paralyze additional effects
  • better bloody bolts for recovering HP when soloing
  • critical hit guaranteed from any direction with Sneak Attack sacrificing the DEX modifier when not behind a mob
  • Mug to work for cruor
  • Gilfinder to work for cruor
  • Steal to obtain temporary items (always) instead of regular items, making it no threat to game economy and much more useful.
  • Despoil to take the place of steal for those few places where getting an item is still preferrable
  • Perfect Parry/Evasion or something like Third Eye to 100% evade a single physical attack
RDM aka don't hate the player
I want:
  • Haste II (approx 20% Haste)
  • an enfeebling spell to lower a mob's Magic Attack
  • water-based spikes spell (bubble spikes/armor?) with strong attack-down or STR down effect
  • a Magic Accuracy bonus from Saboteur
  • native access to drain and aspir
  • a job ability that mimics accession/manifestation
  • rebalancing Phalanx II to comensate for above adjustment
  • enfeebling spell to lower damage resistance (PDT/MDT/DT) kind of like what Tomahawk does
  • BLINK!!!! Improve the spell by reducing casting time and get more shadows depending on enhancing skill. At least make it somewhat similar to Occulation
SAM aka I want to be invincible!
I want:
Seigan tanking to be somehow improved (perhaps gaining TP from counters or anticipated attacks)
... that's it. Seriously, the job is really strong just not desirable.

PLD aka I don't have an Ochain or Aegis
I want:
  • not to be made/broken as a viable tank by having/lacking an Empyrean or Relic shield
  • not to feed mobs way more TP by getting hit than any other job does evading
  • Flash's effect and accuracy to be improved
  • damage dealing potential to be improved while single wielding a sword/shield combo (occasional counter when blocking an attack?)
  • more Shield Mastery
  • way better Defense Bonus traits. Though this may be broken for normal mobs, NM's usually hit many times harder.
  • new divine magic nukes
  • better Magic Attack gear or give us traits for the above item
  • reduce Divine Emblem recast
  • Cover to be self targeted and anyone standing behind me gets covered
  • A shield-block stance. At sacrifice of offense and healing abilities (Slow +100%?) a 100% block rate for a short duration. I'm thinking as a countermeasure for Hundred Fists or a predictable TP attack, filling up the gap between Reprisals and making Tower-size shields more useful.
So there. Now I can go back to being disappointed by the actual adjustments.

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