Thursday, February 25, 2010


Simply wanting a place to put my in-game experiences is the main reason for this blog. Hope it'll be nice to look back on after I've gone away from FFXI. Who knows when that'll be.

I think I'll use this as a place to put down my focus so I can remind myself of the goals I've set and not let them be lost to lazyness and distractions.

We have decently sized group of people all with new or renewed interest in ZNM's. Just finished my second tier3 on that path Teusday evening. Now all that's left is another easy-peasy treck through Cheesehoarder and Iriz Ima before taking down Gotoh. Jens already has a Tinnin set, and I believe Cyrille is close to one. Hoping for Enkidu's Harness to drop for my thief, but I'm going to try and avoid setting that as the goal itself but rather beating Tinnin with our relatively inexperienced group. Droprates tend to disappoint.

Since joining Darkside Limbus I've had good attendance with the exception of December last year. So far it's gotten me a bunch of coins (still saving for Boxer's Mantle) and AF+1 hands for my samurai (these things rock). However, what I really want and have wanted for as long as I can remember, is Homam gear. More specifically, Homam Cosciales (legs). Something about haste makes me (and pretty much everyone in-game) go "ga ga". Currently sitting on 18% haste, I really want to whale on something fully buffed for speed! I'll probably join Nyzul runs just for Spy's Drink. Actually, not just for that, but also...

Goliard Clogs
I've neglected even attempting to get these. Shouting for Nyzul with "Askar + Denali freelot" on a floor 20 run doesn't get you many responses. Besides, pick up groups are always a risk. Don't know exactly how I'm going to get this done, but it's on the list of things to do. Just not very high.

Requiem for Sin solo
Oh boy, I didn't want to put this on here. I have such a fear of commitment, but "ok" now it's out there and I have to do it. It's on the blog, and the blog is law. I came across this blog post a while ago, and ever since I've been thinking about giving this a go. I do want the X's Knife and I kind of like Y's Scythe too ever since they discovered what the hidden effects were. Recently I tried to get Jens and Kingcem to do the prerequisite quest, but that didn't go very well. I know.. it's really easy, but I can't control everything and I wasn't up for fighting all 3 mobs solo. Anywho, my RDM isn't even close to being as well geared as

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