Friday, February 26, 2010

Requiem of Sin solo attempt preparations

Tonight I'm going to do a test run to find out a couple of things about the fight. I'm going to wait for Iceday since I recently got a Hyorin obi and nuke potency is going to be an important factor in the fight. In my recent Tango with a Tracker fight I nuked Shikaree X for 607 damage with Blizzard III. Let's assume for the sake of argument that I can jack that up to 670 with food and obi. The 600 MP of nukes referred to in that blog article I talked about comes down to 5 nukes. 5 nukes comes down to 3350 damage. From
  1. ES Sleepga (38 MP spent)
  2. Bind rabbit (46 MP spent total)
  3. Bliz3 (166 MP total)
  4. Sleepga (to take down shadows if needed, 204 MP total)
  5. Bliz3 x 5 (804 MP total)
One thing is clear, I can't accomplish this without converting. Even if I account for the MP recovered during the nuking from refresh and the 46 MP from the first two steps which I can nullify with MP+ gear. Unless I get lucky with a Conserve MP proc, I'm going to have to convert. Being roughly 88 MP short of what I need makes me consider wearing some MP+ gear for my first nuke. I'm not sure yet about what I'm going to do yet.

After X is down I'm going to try and kill the Wyvern. I've thought about different ways of doing this, but I think the easiest way is to wake Z asap with Dia, nuke the wyvern as it pops and hope for the best. If I don't have enough MP for a final nuke (assuming I live that long) I'll use Bio2 before dying. At this point I'm hoping that the wyvern will be 1 Blizzard3 away from dying after reraising. If so, I'll give it a go and die a second time. Hope I don't screw up and forget to put up RR! I'm not even thinking about the final phase yet. I'm just trying to get to this point in the fight and refine the strategy from here on. It's all still very luck-based. Resists on nukes make this all impossible, so if I get too many of those I might have to give up on this solo altogether.

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