Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend update 5

This past weekend was mostly Friday Limbus and Sunday Dynamis. Saturday I spent playing Street Fighter because I had very little motivation to log on to FFXI. I did however solo the Kraken Club BCNM which I covered in the previous entry and I also joined for 4 Nyzul Isle runs.

Limbus was a canceled Omega run which turned into a Temenos farming run. We'll eventually have to learn to do Omega with fewer people because I know at least two people won't be around for much longer. Without the confidence that we can manage a solo tank or that I could go any other job than RDM I'm a little worried about it. Might as well give it a go, I'm a known pessimist and I might be pleasantly surprised. Still, even with our current successes there's a lot of room for improvement. I regularly miss debuffs wearing off because I'm busy keeping refresh+haste on tanks, backup healing and nuking pods. I'm not sure how well Elegy is kept on it, but I recall seeing some resists. Two BLM's and a DRK are our only damage sources, so I think we may need a bit more killing power to blast through the final phase.

Nyzul was relatively generous (given our track record) and we got Goliard Cuffs and Askar Korazin. Grats on the drops guys. Also Roc's item appraised to Dryad Staff which I suppose is noteworthy due to the rarity of HQ appraisals.

Also, Sunday morning I saw earthday approaching and decided to get some Sabotender kills for my sword trial 200. I was surprised to find a group of people with Soulsabers equipped. I didn't need to check them to know what they were there for. We teamed up and cleared Sabotender Sediendo really quickly.
Afterwards I got a few more kills in Quicksand Caves during sand storm weather before I had to go prep for Dyna.

Dynamis Buburimu got us some capes and junk I don't really recall. I decided not to put anything on my /seacom since the only thing I wanted would be Valor Cape (for PLD which I never play) and Abyss Cape (for a DRK that can't even equip it yet). So I'd rather not grab those over people that will get more and better use out of them. Lessons learned from the previous run were applied well. I asked THF scouter to keep tabs on AB for when we killed Tarasca. Tarasca itself played hide-and-seek for a short while but all-in-all we got the win pretty fast. While pulling Aivtaras Gravity got resisted. I don't know if it's immune, but either way, not wearing any pdt gear I got one-shotted with a 1k+ critical hit. Not a problem really, didn't slow us down. It did make me a bit anxious for the next sac pull of the WHM Quadav, which I did weakened. Still, there's plenty of time between the mobs popping and them starting to run or cast for me to get away. The extra time was noticable as we had time to kill all rabbits after cockatrice as well as the Orcs in front of Outpost. A bit chaotic towards the end, but we managed. Jens did an excellent job sleeping, overwriting sleepga with sleepga2 keeping mobs out of the running for long stretches. I did some enmity generation to get mobs on me after waking up, but noticed Jens had perfect timing on sleeps on several occasions. Resleeping them within a second of them waking up.

Making this post a I realise I did quite a few things, which is surprising for a game I'm seriously considering quiting soon.

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