Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend update 6

Had time to level SAM to 80 this past weekend. Got a half decent party in Misareaux Coast to finish it off. However, this camp, as good as it is, still falls behind Greater Colibri. How so? Well, the party I had in Thickets (before the one that got me 80) netted more than double the exp per hour. Granted, the setup was better and pulls were faster. What makes it that much better is the EXP bonus from Sanction and the lower HP of the target mobs. The Colibri party broke my previous record of EXP Chain 101 with...

I didn't want to post results of a parse that I won because that would seem like bragging. Trust me though, it's not hard to beat the majority of DD's on Valefor. This can be seen in the following damage graph where a DRG/SAM performed terribly. In this graph you can see me being out-damaged by a polearm WAR/SAM. After a break (the horizontal middle part of the graph) I switched to polearm (Tomoe) and was able to catch up somewhat. Towards the end you can see my damage taking a dive. This was because I ran out of Crab Sushi.

My WS damage is pretty good, but I've seen much higher WS damage in screenshots on the internet, so I'm going to curb my enthusiasm.

With level 80 comes the chance to work on the WS Magian weapon path. I'm going for the 10% Kasha damage one. Without Usukane I don't feel a 5-hit is worth the sacrifice in accuracy, haste and STR during WS. Instead I'm going for a 6-hit Keitonotachi with a Pole Grip and two accuracy rings. Still not capped on accuracy in Misareaux Coast at 76 I feel like I can definitely use some more.

The second Einherjar run with WoA went better than the first. We beat it relatively comfortably. The boss was the Marid with the Djiggas (chigoes) popping and pretty much impossible to recover from. The first run we wiped because I didn't know it had exceptional aggro range and despite regular mobs having normal hate mechanics, the boss had zone/alliance aggro. I pulled on RDM/BLU both times, but the mobs are actually pretty weak so I'll go RDM/DRK in future runs for extra utility. Holding them is no big deal and gaining hate on the group isn't an issue either. With two BLM's -aga2'ing the chigoes they were left at 5-10% HP. This was annoying enough to take a BLM out and it would have been a problem if the boss was up for much longer. Fortunately the zerg was relatively short (perhaps 2 minutes). It pops them three at a time iirc, and was able to pop 3 or 4 sets before it died.

Valkurm loss
Sunday was Dynamis - Valkurm time. We relied on double CS Stunners, but guess what... a charm still got through. The timing of the stun exchange started out well, but quickly got out of sync and at about the first simultaneous casting a charm went off. That was extremely unlucky and despite the charm we got it down to 20% before Extremely Bad Breath went off. The fact that I got poisoned and took some damage meant that I was slowly ticking away to death while trying to keep the boss stunlocked. As soon as the stunners were down people went down very fast, as would be expected. We were a bit short on people and some healing power to keep stunners and DD's alive a tad bit longer could have made the difference. Even so I'm looking forward to the time we DO beat this with ~16 people.

Magian progress
I used this weekend to get closer to my oh-so-precious PDT sword. I finished the Sabotender trials thanks to two Japanese groups in Kuftal Tunnel. Both times we killed 3 or 4 pop cycles on an earthday. The rest of it was done solo on Sabotender Bailaor in Quicksand Caves. There are a lot of Bailaor in the caves, however only the ones found after dropping through quicksand holes con as Easy Prey. I found this to be the best spot for them.

There are 5 of them there and using BST subjob (Beetle pet) and my Fellow NPC 1000 needles was not a problem. You have quite some time in between repops so even when weather comes along, it's a race against time.

I got another pair of groups in Kuftal Tunnel for trial No. 1228 (200 Lizards during earth day/weather). 60+ kills during both which puts me further along than I could have hoped for. I've seen people zoom through Kuftal on those same trials and I hope some of them will still be on Rafflesia's by the time I'm done. Teaming up really makes life easier.

Tanking Omega
As my previous attempt at tanking Proto-Omega with my current Limbus group ended in a loss, I was a bit nervous. Not because I don't think my tanking skills are sufficient (I believe they are), it's because I was afraid that without me on RDM to buff tanks, nuke pods and debuff Omega the backline would suffer. I was partly right. Pods tooke a bit longer to die and without refresh on me I soon ran out of MP and had to use Chivalry and eat a Devotion in order to keep up. Not sure about debuffs, but attack speed wasn't an issue. I'm gonna sound like a broken record, but it is so painfully obvious that if you don't finish the fight quickly after the last pod/form change you have got to kite it. No sense of urgency whatsoever after the last shape change. Just sitting there going at the same pace 4 Colossal Blows went off and things got messy. I used invincible after I ate the first and was able to regain hate after Stellina ate the second CB. After I ate a third I said "no more hate left, kite and stun". Stellina regained hate only to get another CB thrown at her I spammed cures on alliance members and was actually able to get hate after only a short time. This leads me to think the hate reset isn't complete or perhaps it's only a CE hate reset. I don't know. All I know is we won and I'm glad. Got 2 legs and 1 body. Been getting a lot of legs and no hands or feet, which are the two pieces I want the most. I'll eventually want to get the body piece too, but the bidding system makes it so you only get to pick the items you want the most, or risk getting outbid on everything.

Respect the stubbornness
I thought it was funny someone said they respected me for getting exp the old-fashioned way. It's hard to go back to regular EXP once you've exped in Abyssea, they said. No shit. However, there's no respecting my stubbornness. The reason I didn't buy Abyssea was because they finally got the EXP effort/reward ratio in order, but put it in the add-on. I don't buy add-on's because they shouldn't be essential to your playstyle. That's what an expansion is. Abyssea does not seem optional when you consider the large number of game-changing elements (both equipment and EXP). It's not expensive and the money has nothign to do with it. I don't like being forced to do anything, even if I'll enjoy it. I'm just weird like that.

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