Monday, March 1, 2010

Requiem of Sin preparations pt.2

Last Friday evening after two Dea pops (pulling that thing is a pain) I dashed off mumbling something about having to be somewhere. It was Iceday already and I was worried I'd need more preparation time. In the end I didn't really need the time, since I had made all my specific macro's earlier that day.
My regular macro's weren't sufficient because, as I mentioned in my previous post, I needed more MP than I normally had access to. I decided to wear more MP boosting gear for my first nuke so I could fit 6 of them in one pool before converting. I also lined them out in the order I was going to need them so it would be easier on my fingers.

The actual attempt didn't go very well though several valuable pieces of information came out of it. Before I say what those were, let me give you a run down of what happened. I was worried that without mobs on radar I wouldn't be able to walk into the right range for casting the initial Sleepga and I'd waste precious seconds of my Chainspell time. That wasn't an issue at all because I guaged the distance just right AND Chainspell duration is more than long enough (1 minute) because sleep lasts SO short. It was 30 seconds when I look at the video, but it felt like less. After sleepga, I bind the rabbit, still wearing a bunch of MP gear, which made me worried about resists. No problem though. Nuke1 no resist! About 680 damage. Sleepga as I see X casting utsu. Nuke2, with all my proper nuking gear, 1/2 resist! Fawk! Nuke 3-6 I do really good damage. I nuked for max 724 which is more than I thought I could pull off. As X is left with a sliver of at 100 to 200 HP I run out of MP. Not paying very good attention to anything due to nerves, I convert late and all mobs in this BC are already on top of me and kill me. Failed run, but I wasn't mad. I was expecting to kill X, but I got some valuable info.

  1. Don't forget phalanx. I totally forgot about putting it up before entering. Could have meant the difference between killing and not killing X.
  2. Put a Drain or Bliz2 macro in there for killing X in case of another 1/2 resist. Bio2 is probably not a good idea, since if the rabbit walks back with X before she dies, it'll be in range for the next ES Sleepga.
  3. CS nukes CAN be interrupted by melee hits. Don't walk between nukes, it doesn't help and probably costs time.
  4. Practice the macro order in your head and count the number of nukes. I lost a good 2-3 seconds looking for my first nuke macro. I had a 3rd nuke macro for nukes 3-6 which put in my Uggalepih Pendant. Not sure if 3 nukes with an extra +8 MAB would have killed X, but who knows.
Goals for the next attempt: Kill X, get Wyvern down either before or after CS phase.

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