Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend update 7

Three summary posts in a row. I'll post something with a bit more depth soon. In the meantime, however, Magian trials!

A bunch of pickup groups got me through Kuftal Sabotenders and Lizards. Now, I thought, comes the hard part of killing 250 Rafflesias. Luckily for me, this trial is the same for a lot of the PDT weapons. There were plenty of people to team up with both times. That's right, it only took 2 earthdays. The first one got me 145 kills. A DRG was there to Sonic Thrust the crap out of the train the rest of us gathered up. It looked a bit like this.

That Weaponskill is perfect for this situation. The second group I got went at a slightly slower pace, but more than fast enough to finish the trial. We also killed the Rafflesia NM that saw me tanking all the charmed group members with my PDT gear. That was a lot of fun. So, PDT sword achieved! Maybe I'll go melee solo Lil Apkallu to try it out.

I also started on Great Katana trials. I'm doing both the Store TP Keitonotachi and the STR+Attack Efunotachi. Why two? Because I honestly think for most of my playstyle they are very close in damage and I want to see if my calculations match up to the real world.

In a previous post I said I was going for the Kasha+10% damage Keito. However, I made a little spreadsheet to come up with the overal DoT and that weapon lost to Hagun in most realistic situations where I wouldn't use Tomoe. I'll post the sheet and some more thoughts on it in the near future.

Dynamis - Tavnazia
Yesterday we had the best Tavnazia run to date. We were an alliance of 15 people. We dropped the NM's without any trouble and got to farming. Ground level mobs dropped very little, but Xarca mobs dropped a bunch. I got myself a Duelist's Tabard because Helly was kind enough to pass on it. Thank Helly! Duelist's Chapeau still eludes me.

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