Monday, August 23, 2010

Achievement Unlocked

One of the things on my "long-term unlikely but hope to get items list" was RDM relic headgear: Duelist's Chapeau. I can now scrap that item off the list because as of last night I'm the owner of my very own "Relic Pimp Hat". As if that weren't enough, I get me pair of these:

That's two highly sought-after Dynamis drops in one run. Needless to say I was and AM very happy. In both cases I was mentally preparing myself to NOT get the item. I'm usually not at the very top of the attendance list, especially not lately with Abyssea runs which I don't attend. I was taken aback by all the congratulations I received from fellow LS members. I feel like many people were genuinely happy for me for getting the drop(s) which was very touching. It's going to sound corny and/or cheesy, but that was probably more meaningful than the item itself.

As for practicality, up until now I've been using Nashira Turban for my enfeebles. It has the same amount of magic accuracy as the RDM JSE Wise Cap, but with the added benefit of -5 Enmity, 2% haste. I suppose the -10% Spell Interruption does account for something as well. Compared to Nashira, Chapeau has +10% accuracy rate on almost anything (where your base accuracy is above 50%). Read this for a better and more complete description of how magic accuracy works.

Aside from making my Idle set look less bright (I shall miss you, V.Cloak), D.Chap increases my enfeebling magic accuracy by 10% on a very large number of NM's... until capped. So right now I don't know how far from capped accuracy I would be on a random NM like Faust. I have a very decent set for enfeebling magic already as well as capped enfeebling merits and 4 Ice Accuracy. In theory, when casting Bind on Faust while soloing (a solo I have never done) the 2% Haste on Nashira would outperform D.Chapeau if my accuracy was capped. Does that mean I'll keep using Nashira for Bind on NM's? The answer is "No". Bind is a pretty essential spell when solo'ing. If having it resisted is not an option, then assuming you're at capped accuracy is too big of a risk in my personal opinion. Nashira still has a place in Dark magic macro's and as such won't be put into storage. My Vermillion Cloak however, porbably won't see any action unless I decide to level BLM or SMN any further. It's time I reworked my macros.

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