Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend update 8

Magian trials can be really tedious. I'm now halfway through the last trial for my Store TP Keito and it's taking a long time. Efunotachi is stuck on the very first Opo-opo trial due to the non-existance of fire weather in Jungles/Cauldron. I regularly tele out to Kazham to see what's coming up, but even in the "summer" months of FFXI fire weather would mostly show up unannounced. I only need 7 more kills.

Besides some work on trials I got two levels on DRK. It's been awful really. Not a lot of people seeking outside of the subjob level range and 75+. I got an invite for an EXP party in Crawler's Nest. I took it cus I was desperate. It was about the same rate of EXP I get doing campaign. So afterwards I opted for the latter. Campaign is still popular outside of Northlands on Valefor. We haven't even controlled Beacedine for at least two weeks. The restof the zones are usually full of people, especially Windust zones. After a while I get an invite for an MMM party around level 27. It took a while to get started, but the setup was pretty much perfect and I got a nice bump from the two runs I joined. I couldn't stay for the rest, which was very disappointing. I had Nyzul to do.

Goliard Saio and Askar Zuchetto dropped from the 4 runs. Really want that Askar Korazin. Since I have more tags than the rest, I could probably get away with doing some pickup parties during the week. Using SCH sub in Nyzul has been fun. I can toss everyone a Protect5 and Shell4 at the start without using half my MP and still have RR spell and most status removal spells. Accession Stoneskin is a nice bonus. The only thing that's missing is Accession working on Haste. I still don't understand why they stopped that from happening. Erasega was nice when we got Flayers.

Sunday we got revenge for the Valkurm loss. Other than Miasmic Breath at the start that went off, I don't think it did anything threatening. That poison is pretty ridiculous though. No time to cure myself while stunning I was anxious to see it go down fast, which fortunately it did. In contrast to previous Valkurm runs we killed fast enough to kill all Hippogryphs, Manticores on south-east beach as well as the Sabotenders near oasis.

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