Thursday, April 29, 2010

Reflections on recent Dynamis

Yesterday WoA had a go at Windurst. I got my first chance to put my money where my mouth is. Setting up the alliance was a bit rough. It went well but it took a while and made some mistakes. I'm not used to it yet. It will help to get to know everyone and their jobs better.

Crowd tanking
Surivere had PLD/BLU with all the necessary spells. Daifei brought Scholar and kept him buffed. Looking back there were only a few pulls where it was really necessary. The first section on the east past AH before the MNK NM has a stat with a bunch of DRG's and BST's making it a large number of total mobs. Here it worked splendidly. I think Surivere will be working on a cure cheat soon, which will make it even better. The down side is that sleeps were lacking in quantity and timing. We had two RDM/BLM's, but one of them was lagging badly and the other was dual tasking RL stuff with refreshing the tank pt. BLM's usually have multiple statues to take care of so one can't really rely on them for sleeps.

There was a bit of chaos at SMN house. I wasn't clear enough about letting me sac IF the whole roof links, which it did. Again, lacking familiarity with the zone is what cost me here. Had we gone for actually taking on the whole train, then things migh have actually worked out. I believe the whole SMN house consists of 7 Summoners a White Mage and 3 statues for a total whopping 18 mobs. Now, assuming everyone was on top of their game (sleepers, tank and tank support) this is not an impossible task with the setup we had. However, someone slept part of the train, nobody slept the rest, the NM wasn't seperated, everyone died.

Reattempt was very nice. I aggro'd, used Perfect Dodge, people grabbed the NM plus 2 SMN's (to make it easier to clear the rest afterwards). Still, an AF got off and wiped us a second time in 10 minutes.

Yes, there was a third wipe not too long after... The final timer pops stats UNDER the bridge not on top as I had expected (one less detail to learn). Not only that, but its mob pops are at the top and the run around linking the stats under the bridge behind the group. Obviously next time we will nuke the stat from the top. I got aggro from the mobs at the top when I was raised. I had considered this could happen, so I pop flee and run past the bridge so that the links don't kill people trying to get up. The same thing happened to someone else shortly after, but they either didn't see the aggro happening or didn't know what to do about it. This time the mobs do kill the recovering mages and it turns out nobody had RR. A rather disappointing end of the raid.

Final verdict
~230 currency, 1 BST helm and a bazillion relic weapons. I tried telling everyone that we did a good job as a group and I really hope that got through to them. The wipes and lack of AF are a very stubborn stain on the raid, but I believe we killed fast and handled crowds reasonably well (all things considered). So I'm happy about the performance of the alliance and hope everyone else is too.

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