Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Soloing the Myochin Kabuto quest

For the longest time I've been gimping myself on SAM by not having the most useful piece of AF: the headpiece. I was always planning on soloing the battle since the discussion page on FFXIclopedia had people in much worse gear than I doing it. So, of COURSE I should be able to, right? Hah! The battle is against 3 Demon NM's (SMN, BLM, DRK) in the mid 60's that can each 2hr.

Well I did beat it, but not in any stylish fashion. I actually died after the SMN went down and had to recover to retry. Let me give you the run down:
  1. Was wearing full PDT set except Jelly Ring.
  2. RDM/BLU with Cocoon and Wild Carrot set.
  3. Buffed inside, cus "it's cake" right? Who needs the time or MP.
  4. Forgot to eat Tav. Taco.
  5. Sleep elemental, then bind DRK.
  6. Kill SMN, no problemo.
  7. Target BLM. Starting to run low on MP.
  8. Didn't realise til a few minutes in that the damage from Ice Spikes was causing the DRK to become unbound very soon after casting.
  9. Spent a lot of MP on topping myself off without noticing Refresh wearing of.
  10. Can't cast bind again cus I'm at 3 MP and I have no V.cloak with me, cus "the fight is easy", right?
  11. Spend 1 minute looking at the screen watching myself die slowly, thinking "do I really suck this much?"
  12. Reraise, unweaken, rebuff, DO REMEMBER TO EAT FOOD!
  13. Target DRK first so I don't have to keep binding and grav'ing it.
  14. Keep an eye out to outrun BLM Demon's Ancient Magic when I see it casting.
  15. DRK hits me for 0-15 instead of 10-50 the first time. Tav. Tacos are great. I sat at 630 defense with Cocoon up.
  16. DRK dies and BLM hit for 0's mostly.
  17. Turns out the fight IS easy after all.
I totally underestimated the fight and paid for it. Looking back targeting the DRK after the SMN was the smartest thing to do. SMN first did make the most sense since you get rid of the annoying elemental and shorten the time you need to tank all mobs (SMN has the lowest HP). Also, I didn't have to wipe the first time. I was using Blau Dolch and I could have used Energy Drain > Bind > Stoneskin > Convert. Didn't think of it at the time, obviously. I still have a long way to go to being a good soloer. Forgetting to eat food is a mistake I've made before and I still haven't learned my lesson. The clear time was 27 minutes which was cutting it pretty close. So much can be said about this attempt, most of it negative. Still I'm glad I didn't need more than one try.

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