Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend update

What started off as a great weekend in FFXI-land took a turn for the worse. Let's start with the bad so I can end on an good note.

Salvage took us into the crappy cell drops dungeon Arrapago Remnants. We recently took on a new member who still seems to need some acclimatization to our group. Two people got killed going the wrong way in low HP. I have to say, I thought Qutrub did not aggro to low HP. Either the distance is smaller or I was not in line of sight, because last time I remember being low and not getting aggro. Anywho, it took a lot of time to kill mobs we weren't planning to and IMO we spent a bit too much time on the second floor killing the mobs near the porter we came up on. Our MNK was still without weapon on floor 3, which was noticeable in his damage output. We did get two QQA and two QQTH, but had we not lost the time we did we could have tried the Archaic Chariot. We're still pretty slow. I can't really tell, but I hope we're improving.

Dynamis San d'Oria should really be easy by now. I've let LS leader know how I feel about pulling Dyna. Sleepers have been doing a good job recently, though I can only speak of results not that I pay attention to exactly what they do. After all, I've got my own role to fill. Regardless, it seems to me quite silly to risk a gigantic train of all of East or West gate wiping the alliance or even killing a pair of BLM to slow down the entire run. Three linked statues with 6 pops should be np for any decent sized alliance, but anything above that starts to become less and less manageable. We have single target tanks in Dyna, they try to keep hate on whatever is being fought, which obviously only works if no DD has TP or their sentinel is up. They've been saving up sentinel for MNK's too, so I think there's a better way to do it. Namely, we use a crowd tank to get on all mob's hate list and, spam Cure cheat or bar-spells or whatever and makes sure they are the top person on hate list when mobs wake up, that way all mobs are gathered up and sleepers have a much easier task. The key is still to resleep mobs ASAP, but all in all I think this is a better method. BLM's can take care of MNK's 2hr by triggering it and sleeping. Anyway, my main point was... Sac pulling. If you get gates to link big (and who can really blame you, it's pretty hard to pull them seperately) someone should be able to spot it, tanks (or anyone pull some mobs off train, and puller dies in a safe spot. The whole situation is so much safer and probably faster since sleepers can help as opposed to panic to the huge crowd they need to control.

So, what were the good things this past weekend? Valefor got all 4 northlands and has access to Fiat Lux (Shadowlord BCNM/campaign op). Yippee, right?? Well I only know 2 people with Medal of Altana rank, so I doubt I'll even get to try it. "I hope for your sake that wasn't the only positive thing" you might say. Thankfully it's not:

Nashira Turban and Seraweels. I can sell my Wise Cap and I finally have the best enfeebling pants in the game. Duelist's Chapau, Crimson Cuisses and Goliard Clogs are on my RDM to-do list. After those I don't think there's much else I want for my RDM.

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