Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dynamis - Qufim: Win

Same title, different subtitle. Yesterday's Dynamis - Qufim was the last win I personally needed for Tavnazia access. However, it wasn't just my personal vested interest in getting the win that made me anxious to kill that damned Gigas. The needs of the many outweigh the etc. etc. WoA's been having a decent streak of successes and it felt good to get this one under our belt too.

Before the boss and right after a lot of city relic armor dropped. Giving us pleasant sights like this:
Soon after I got my very own pair of SAM gloves, which was nice. The pulls before the boss were nothing special and Nightly found the subjob target before Manta NM. Water elemental aggro'd which meant we had an unnecessary kill. Considering we were pretty tight on time the last time, this kind of worried me. To make things worse, after the quadav's going north we got aggro from a goblin statue and a Nightmare Snoll. I'm sure that had this happened the previous Qufim run, things would not have gone as smoothly. Sleepers were on point. Bards helped out well and it was over before we knew it. Ice elemental aggro'd which didn't count as a slow-down, since we would have to kill that coming back from the cave anyway. However, it was a nice last mob to build TP on for the boss fight, which we now no longer had. I actually got a bit carried away with how well sleepers were handling the large groups of mobs that I didn't even bother to pull the goblin statues on the way to Suttung seperately. I believe 1 or 2 people got K.O.'d during that pull, but nothing to worry about. Pulled and cleared Suttung (Golem NM) and headed back with 30 minutes left on the clock. We were clearly faster than the last time and gave us some time to relax, practice the Bard rotation and give a bit more detailed instructions for the boss zerg.

If you've read my post about the previous run, where we lost, you may remember me mentioning the most important changes needed.
  • A second CS stunner for better coverage.
  • A puller with movement speed so that Trebuchet doesn't hit the waiting alliance.
  • Alliance waits to gain hate when the boss is on top of them and avoids getting hate from a distance.
We did all these things and it almost worked perfectly. The only mistake was me dying before taking the goblin links away from the group. I used powder boots for the pull, but the 30 second duration did not turn out to be enough. I believe the reason was mainly because I ran into the boss area from the east. It seemed like a short distance to run, but seeing as how my Flee wore off only about 5-10 seconds too soon, I might go in from the north hugging the castle wall the next time we do this. A second pair of boots may be a tiny bit too risky since it didn't take much from the goblins to kill me. Hermes Quencher really solves this problem completely, as it lasts a full minute, but those cost a lot more than they should and I'm a cheap bastard. Adds were killed after boss and I have to commend the mages and sleepers on their work there. I'm glad that my personal mistakes don't have to lead to a loss or wipe.

Quadavs near the weapon wall popped a large number of mobs which eventually wiped the alliance. Our post post-win farming suffered because of this. It's a pull I've never seen or done, so I know now to treat those with care or simply avoid them and go for the weapons on the west end of that area. We killed most weapons and all Kraken and stuck it out til the server kicked us out. Most drops were city pieces with the exception of a PUP cape that someone actually wanted, so that was nice. Good job everyone!

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