Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Secret technique to multiple 2hrs

Did that title grab your attention? If it didn't: I wasn't kidding. Interested now? No? Damn, what's with kids these days? The truth of the matter is that a few months ago I found a way to use Chainspell twice within the 30 minutes given to me to try and solo the Requiem of Sin battlefield. I never got around to actually try the 'trick' because it requires me to invest time that I didn't have or WANT to spend. My playtimes aren't what they used to be and my interest in trying to solo that battlefield has waned. I post this now because I thought it was an interesting trick and thought other people might come up with interesting ways of applying it.

So, how is it done? I'm sure many players know that cutscenes and dialogues can be used to your advantage. It used to be that a player stuck in a cutscene could still be on a mob's hate list, but that the mob could not damage the player essentially making them an invincible tank. This trick worked for the Goblin Footprint dialogue as well as the Mammet CoP mission until they patched it. Probably as a consequence of that patch, you could use dialogues to make mobs lose aggro. This could be used in Double Agent Assault mission and is useful when examining lamps in Nyzul Isle investigation.

What also happens during most dialogues and cutscenes is that the in-game time related to status effects is frozen. If you're afflicted with Bio, you can enter a cutscene or dialogue and the DoT effect will stop. Leave that dialogue and the DoT effect will resume for the unchanged duration. The astute reader will already see where I'm going with this. The 2hour ability of many jobs is nothing more than a status effect, which can be frozen by entering certain types of dialogues as well as the battlefield choice dialogues at BC's like Boneyard Gully. Stay in that dialogue for two hours and your 2hour ability timer (which was not frozen) will be up again to use as soon as the previous 2hour status wears off. I tested this with Elemental Seal on the battlefield dialogue and with Chainspell in the Temple Knight Signet dialogue in south sandy.

For battlefields like Requiem of Sin this would require you to fully buff and pop a Hermes' Quencher, Elemental Seal, then Chainspell and enter the dialogue as soon as possible. After the 1:30-2:00 wait you can enter and zip towards the mobs and still have more than 30 seconds of Chainspell effect left to take down the first mithra. A second Chainspell after killing the Wyvern (and dying and recovering again) would take care of a second mithra leaving only one to be kited and DoT'ed. This only works because this battlefield allows you to keep your buffs from outside.

This is useful for ANY ability that has a reasonably long status effect duration and a long recast timer. As in the previous example, it makes two consecutive Elemental Seals possible and that only requires a 10 minute preparation period. The applications depend on whether or not you can get into a cutscene or dialogue and to your target quickly enough for your ability status to still be useful/active. Hundred Fists, Blood Weapon and Mighty Strikes are short enough that it'd only really be worth it if you could immidiately engage your mob after exiting the dialogue. Mage 2 hours tend to be longer (1 minute for many of them) and can be more easily abused. Ranger can use two Barrages. Dragoon, 6 Spirit Surged Jumps. Samurai with 300 TP and two Sekanokki's can do 7 weaponskills along with their 2hr and takes much less preparation time than 'freezing' their 2hr. Thief can use multiple Feints in a single Zerg. A more far-fetched but very funny application would be a Monk freezing Boost recasts and in so-doing stack more of them on top of eachother. More practical would be formless strikes. I'm sure there a lot of good applications that I haven't thought of. However,...

This is probably considered cheating even though it stays inside the FFXI engine. I wouldn't have posted this technique if I thought anyone could get banned or jailed for it. However, that doesn't preclude it from happening. Only SE's GMs opinions matter.

P.S. Sorry if you thought this was a secret to killing AV type thing.

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