Thursday, June 17, 2010

Improving Buburimu runs

Last night we had another very smooth Dynamis raid in the same vein as Beaucedine, Valkurm and a less smooth but still very successful San d'Oria. Most of it comes from experience of having done them before, but I believe it's also a matter being more patient with pulls.

Pre-boss we took our time (40 minutes more or less) getting Aivtaras, WHM quad, Stollenworm, and finally Tarasca. Tarasca pull was interesting as I used Powder Boots and was a bit scared its pathing would cause links. Fortunately it ended up sticking to the wall past Goblins. After Tarasca I asked 3 people to help me look for Apocalyptic Beast. Only after we found it did I remember "Oh yea, I want bards to buff both DD pt's. I asked Lacrima to set it up. In the meantime we watched AB get further away from camp which would make the pull longer and cost more time. About 10 seconds before SV rotation started (only 2 bards this time, 1 was AFK for most of the raid) I had Nis (THF) pull AB. It was a fairly good estimate of pull length as both pt's were fully buffed by the time we got to camp. It was a faster kill than last time. Improvements for next time:
  1. Setup BRD rotation sooner
  2. Have someone stick to AB the moment we find it
  3. Have a WHM know where I'm sac'ing Quadav train to so I can get to Aivtaras faster while Stollenworm is killed. Either that or just have someone else pull it.
The farming period was filled by Crabs, Ravens, Dhalmel, Efts and finally Cockatrice. I believe we killed almost all pops of the listed families/groups. That's up to 112 mobs, but we probably missed 1 crab set, 1 raven set and 2 dhalmels sets making 100 mobs a better estimate. To kill 100 mobs in about 70 minutes means on average 42 seconds per kill. Considering the time it took moving between camps and the initial waiting before we started on Efts, that means we killed extremely fast. Not only that, it means there was hardly any down time between pulls. I made an extra effort to pull without or with small links. This is the patience I was talking about before. I decided rushing things at the cost of deaths and the following downtime would, in the end, cost more time than simply waiting for better pulling oppertunities. With the exception of a single crab pull, I believe there were always mobs ready to be killed. This means the patient pulling came at no extra cost. Some nifty drops rewarded our teamwork. Notably Valor and Abyss Capes, both of which I hope to someday own myself. Improvements on farming phase:

...I can't think of any. We did pretty awesome. I'd like to commend everyone on doing a great job.
  • Muze did a great job sleeping.
  • BLM's and BRD's helped out when needed.
  • PLD's kept mobs off mages.
  • DD's killed things really well!
  • Amoklauf pulled his ass off!
Good job, everyone.

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