Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Weekend update 3

Amazingly no post following last Dynamis - Beaucedine! Reason: too easy! Really now, I don't mean to brag, but we did very well. No wipes, lots of mob kills and drops to boot. No RDM bodies, which was disappointing. Going to stop subbing BLU from now on and just go /BLM to help sleep. When I bother to tank trains it's when there are more than 3 mobs, fewer than that and I just head out to get the next statue. When there's a giant train of 7+ mobs and assorted statues, I'll just sac it. I finished my 102% spell interruption set, which is another reason to go /BLM. BLU sub and eating tacos seems overkill for regular mobs and since I try to avoid getting meleed by statues in the first place, BLM offers more utility.

We did our first Bahamut since the new WoA and it was very smooth. Three DRK's zerging with Mercurial Krisses really made short work of him. Had two CS stunners, something I think we should always have when fighting the more dangerous AoE mobs (Valkurm and Qufim Dynamis bosses and... Dynamis Lord). After Ewenn popped CS I made sure to cast in intervals with him so that we get maximum coverage of stuns and Bahamut was truly locked. Even with DRK's accuracy at 50-60% it was a very short fight where my Chainspell never wore off. No Feint, cus no THF, which also meant no Treasure Hunter. I guess we were a bit low on people, but Feint more than makes up for a DD and TH helps for the money drops. The guaranteed item slots supposedly don't benefit from TH.

Limbus runs have been business as usual as we work Temenos for an Ultima set. In our latest raid the paired mobs of Central Temenos 1st floor were killed together and it was a very short raid because of this. In the past we just killed them in order, but we got into trouble one time with the Temenos Cleaner doing a ton of damage with AoE's. The previous time we had 2 melees on each bringing them down at the same pace. This time, however, time we had all melee's on one, then Bio and Poison to compensate for their auto-regen, then switch targets and kill the other one and back again. Both methods work and I don't think there's any real need to do it one way or the other.

Though I've given up on Salvage for being too big of a timesink to fit my playtimes and ambitions, I still want to help out when I can because I've still not seen everything there is to see in those ruins and boss battles are a fun challenge. Last saturday BR boss (Long-bowed Chariot) was our target. Got there with plenty of time though we gave up on killing the HM gears since two of them warped due to time. We were better off, I'm sure, since weather popped soon after we killed the western Chariot (reduces boss attack power) and I doubt I could have pulled the rest of the gears perfectly. We lost the fight because of MP issues didn't let us keep up with the damage taken by the tanks. This obviously means "reduce the amount of damage the tanks take". This means better debuffing (ie. no lv71 Bard) and better and much faster removal of bind and paralyze. If I help the next time the Salvage group runs BR boss, I might sub WHM for that reason. If me and the RDM take care of status effects WHM can focus purely on curing and perhaps allow for better MP efficiency (like regens and smart/more Cure5's). Homing Missle wasn't even that much of an issue, though it didn't help. It got off twice due to bind being on and tanks not being able to move to the side (iirc). I wonder if an ice resist setup could work since both Paralyze and Bind status effects are ice-based. Not that it's hard to focus better on Erase and Paralyna.

Yesterday I popped a Wulgaru. I had 3 people helping me so I assumed it'd be a quick fight. Wulgaru is soloable by RDM without movement speed gear because it's an Acrolith and moves slower than players run. That takes more than the 60 minutes it takes to rage. With its 30.000 HP you'd need to do an average of 25 damage per game DoT tick if you want to kill it within the hour. Corsairs have a much easier time killing it solo. When it has its large arm it uses a TP ability Dire Straight that can do a lot of damage and goes through shadows. The worst part is the range. Even though he won't attempt to do it until he's in melee range, you can't outrun it at regular running speed once he's charging it. So the goal is to stay out of melee range at all times and since we started out kiting it around the room it pops in, that wasn't always possible. When everyone else went down I started kiting it around the teleporters. I was able to get Bio2, Poison2 and Drown on without it doing Dire Straight. That tells me that I COULD solo it if I had to. Not that I'd want to. It raged at some point and we reset its rage before taking it down the rest of the way.

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