Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend update 4

Get ready for another image-less recounting of FFXI related things. Since the last entry we've done some Sea with WoA. We popped 3 Jailers of Justice and 1 torque dropped. From what I understand we have several Love pops now. It will be interesting to see how that fight goes. I was in BLM party pulling the summons off the main alliance. I noticed on very annoying fact. Claim block! I hardly ever camp anything where I need to outclaim people. One time at Charybdis I had my ranged attack canceled because I was apparently too fast. It works on all mob pops and apparently JoJ's summons as well. I had to purposefully delay casting on them or risk getting blocked and suffer a cooldown period before being able to act again. On the up side, I got good exp and refilled my buffer.

Friday was time for Ultima and it was again a very smooth fight. The final bit of the fight is always a bit chaotic. This time it went Energy Screen crazy, but fortunately we had a large enough group with both melee and magic damage. I don't care much for the two Ultima pieces that I don't yet have. The body piece would be great for drains, but I hardly get to use those.

After Ultima I went back to help WoA with Jailer of Prudence. We took it down easy after a shakey start. Afterwards it was a bit late to do JoL, so LS raid time was ended. I quickly asked if anyone wanted to kill Yovra before the BLM's warped. Several people still need those organs so I started looking for an Om'Yovra near JoP spawn. I found one and got 4 or 5 BLM's to come kill it. It took way too long and its sleep resistance was beyond my Magic Accuracy by the time it hit 50%. So, it got a bit rough with sync nukes no longer being realistic. I 2hrd to take it down and was surprised to see that only 1 of my 5 nukes was resisted. Three people lotted and I won. Now I still need 4 Aern organs for a Snow Gorget. Got my eyes set on Snow because it covers Gekko and Rana and Guillotine for my future DRK. Speaking of which, I better finish that soon. I'm still in doubt, because of how well Penta Thrust has been doing on SAM recently. However, Shadow Gorget for Penta requires 2 Yovra organs and that's just silly.

Saturday Kingcem and I went out to FoV in Valley of Sorrows after a MMM experience party disbanded prematurely leaving me with an Allied Ring charge to blow. Started out with Soboro with /DNC. The TP overflow makes it easy to spam Waltzes on yourself. Switched to Hagun for a while and according to Kingcem my dps went up noticably. However, when I switched to Tomoe because of the Perytons I noticed that even on Manticores and Raptors my WS damage was outclassing Kasha/Gekko by a lot. Those mobs are all DC at level 75 and my accuracy and attack ratio were high enough for polearm to be the better weapon. We also popped some FoV turtle NM's. After a close call when it popped with enpetrify and barely killing it, I am now the proud owner of an Errant Houppelande with +2 water resist.

After FoV my Nyzul group raided floor 20 for the zillion Goliard Clogs we need and went 0 for 3 on ANY gear drops. We went in with 5 people and even when we wasted some time on a lamp floor I think we did pretty well. Didn't join for Salvage, cus... well... I didn't feel like it.

Sunday morning Kingcem and I tried to help take over Northlands but after a while of making very little progress in Xarcabard I decided to abandon it. The few Frozen Flame ops I did made up for the death caused by someone else's bad pull. That op is effective at dropping the fortification rating which unfortunately keeps going back up. In the end we didn't even retain Beaucedine Glacier. It's been quite some time since we had Fiat Lux and I think it's going to stay that way unless SE introduces some changes in the next update to raise the incentive.

The weekend ended with Dynamis - San d'Oria which was meant to fatten the LS bank for a better payout at the end of the month. Since we'll have some off time after the update and several Dreamlands Dynamis at the end of this month it was one of our last chances to get some cash revenue. We started out slow, and a bad pull of East Gate which I tried to sac got slept and caused a pretty bad situation. Everything went fine and even West gate was no problem. I didn't get a Raise3 after the sac which was fairly annoying since I had already eaten too many R1's for my liking recently. After west gate we got a pretty massive link and since I was still weakened from the sac pull I couldn't do my usual crowd control routine. So more deaths there and I was actually pretty pissed off at the time. Not directed towards anyone, just a general "omg, I can't stand this crap" type of emotional state. I almost handed the raid over, but I came to my senses and kept going. Pulled the NIN NM to stables. Unfortunately, the otherwise smooth handling of NIN mobs was set aside for this pull and there were no stuns towards the last percentages of HP allowing pretty much each of the NIN mobs get a Mijin Gakure off. Needless to say, people died again. We press on and clear Watchdog Alley and rode out the timer on some left-over statues in Pikeman's Way. It wasn't til after the NIN NM was killed that we saw a Montiont Silver Piece drop. Somewhere during Watchdog Alley a second one dropped making this a pretty decent run. Gear drops... meh who even cares? Nothing's going to compare to city drops in dreamlands.

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