Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dynamis - Qufim: Loss

I almost called this post "Dunamis - Qufim: Fail" but it wasn't much of a failure considering drops we got. If only drop rates could be more consistent. This is what the treasure pool looked like after only 1 set of mobs.

After this we took what I'm pretty sure is the standard route past Scolopendra manta NM, 1 set of Rocs and Suttung golem NM. Got a really stupid link from goblin stats which killed our main sleeper. I tried to play the healer in the mage party but it didn't work out well enough. Some deaths cost us time and when it was time for the boss we had only 10 minutes left.

The bard rotation had just started when I reached the last corner to get to Delkfutt entrance. I got aggro from the Boss before I even saw it. Looking back I should have probably wiped right there though I don't know if we had anyone else capable of pulling it to camp. We had two strong DD parties who would have taken it out just fine if the pull was done correctly. So for that I take full responsibility (easily said since there aren't any repercussions!). I had enough gear and defense to take 4 Trebuchets which would have lasted to get to camp. However, I had a a WAR voke it to camp thinking he'd survive. He got killed in one shot and so I tried to pull rest of the way. On top of that it linked a goblin statue. Pull sequence looked like this:

First Trebuchet that hit alliance did a lot of damage (obviously) but I'm not sure if that's what wiped them as my log doesn't show all the deaths. It must have been, I don't see anything else that could have other than Grand Slam which happened towards the end.

That picture also shows we did have a RDM/DRK to Chainspell Stun. He was outside of the main alliance so some people missed it who then later proposed we bring one next time. As I said then and I hope to explain here, CS Stun wasn't our undoing. Also, Trebuchet is supposed to be an AoE attack that ignores shadows so I'm not sure what I'm seeing here.

I believe aside from the terrible pull and the links something else that could be improved upon is waiting to engage until it's exactly at camp and not cast anything on it that might gain someone hate from a distance. Getting hate from a distance would cause it to use Trebuchet again which is something you want to avoid at all costs.

A clean pull is probably possible if you're extremely careful about pathing. However, that might take too long even if there's a PLD to make it walk where you want it to. I think an alternative is to pull through and past the main group into the cave towards Suttung. Make sure nobody is resting and drop party/alliance before pulling. This way I don't get hit by any songs while running past and BRD doesn't get NM's attention. I pull all the adds into the cave as far as I can without getting into repop territory. Without the alliance wiping it should go down way before adds return. That's just an idea though. The simplest way is to just sac pull it, but properly next time.

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