Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sarameya zerg

Thursday we finished WoA's ZNM runs for this month. We had been doing Tier3's and by the number of pops I could tell we'd have more pops than we had for Tinnin. However, I did not expect we'd have 7! I had been discussing zerging it with Kingcem since we knew it would drag out if we didn't. The alternative would be to bring as many SMN's and RNG's as you can, some good healing support and perhaps have tanks go with a fire resist set for Chainspell.

Zerging it didn't need any special preps, just regular zerg setup without even a need for a Chainspell Stunner. We set up the alliance with three Bards, two White mages, a Scholar, a Summoner and the rest DD's. The bards rotated, a WHM went to the SCH party for Shellra5, the Summoner got in for Hastega in the SCH party and we were off to the races.

The first fight was very rough since plenty of DD died early on and a Ullulation got off very early keeping DD's and mages paralyzed for 90% of the fight. Also, it seems Tipira on SMN wasn't able to keep people alive as well as we had hoped. Arrekusu was outside on SCH because Accessioned Cures work outside alliance. Skinwalker asked people that were still up to 2hr the last 20-25%. It went down, but not clean at all. Second pop we had White mages and Bards run out of range before the pop. Also, we had Arrekusu inside alliance this time. It would be easier for him to see HP's and make curing easier. Also, I believe Accession Stoneskin was used. Second fight was much smoother since no DD's went down.

With my parser running it quickly turned into a contest of who could do the most damage. Healthy competition pushes people to be better, so I'm all for it. I parsed 6 of the 7 fights but 3 of them I didn't save. I filtered misses for everyone but myself, so accuracy for everyone else is 100%.

Third fight
I was using Great Katana and not playing smart. I think I even forgot some buffs.

Fifth fight
I actually used Sekkanoki this time around with enough TP to WS twice at start. Switched back to Polearm.

Seventh and final fight
Everyone that hadn't used their 2hr did. Argonar won comfortably with Mighty Strikes up. He had gotten Hachiryu Haidate the fight before. This was icing on that cake.

Here's a video of that last fight. Not much to see. You can notice how I spam Penta thrust, then cancel Meikyo and do one more so I actually gain TP from the WS. I then even have time for 6th Penta.


  1. This looks so much better then the tanking methods we discussed in the week, just wish I could have gotten a pop ready for this :(

  2. Being the first time zerging it I wasn't 100% sure if it was going to be as simple as people made it out to be. Now I'm of the opinion that there's no reason to do it any other way unless you don't have the numbers/jobs needed.

    Only disappointment was how badly I performed with my Great Katana.