Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Triple drop Omega

Apologies for not having screenshots. It totally slipped my mind. Let's imagine it! Twelve people in a dark wasteland. A mechanical monster that shoots fricking lasers.

I was worried since we lost our previous Omega. So I asked if we were doing anything different. The answer I got didn't inspire much confidence, but when we entered people WERE instructed to go for broke on the last 25%. So instructed, so executed. I tried to "help" with pods by stunning but I didn't bring my PDT set. When the last one popped for the final form change I realized I could have caused a serious problem with my "help". I was standing away from the BLM's (because that's where people wandered off to at the start) and I either stunned or nuked and got hit by the Pod with about 120 HP left. He was on top of me but luckily NOT out of range of the BLM's, that were already casting their nukes. Had they been out of range and one of them or melees the next target (melees weren't subbing NIN) they would have to wait for the cooldown after your spell is interrupted (or target out of range) and someone would have probably died for no reason. Lesson learned. I'm not going to help unless I can take 2-3 hits from it AND standing in the vicinity of the BLM's.

I had been working on one MP pool up to that point and I didn't want to waste a convert on low HP and without enough MP to top myself to over 800 HP I asked for a cure. Waiting for a cure I ended up verting when Omega was at 5-10%. I was going to CS Stun to be safe, but that ended up being unnecessary. BLM's used stun freely and/or on reaction to TP abilities which I think helped enough to make RDM/DRK superfluous.

Drops were our first Homam Corazza, Legs and Feet. Congrats to Xaya, Cyrille and Kingcem. Also, a Magenta Chip dropped form the last Pod, which is unfortunate since NW is a fun and easy zone with a lot of coins.

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