Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dynamis - Windurst, a tale of redemption

"Are you going to make a blog entry for every Dynamis you go to?" Well, probably not forever, but I certainly will for the time being since I'm learning something new each time we go.

An interesting thing was that I found a mistake in the Dynamislounge Windurst map. Nothing groundbreaking, but still important to note that they're not 100% accurate. So, if anyone else has to lead a Dynamis for the first time, my advice is to not do anything too complicated based on the mob pop information on the maps. The mistakes were that statue 052 pops when 046 is aggro'd and isn't normally up. I can see why you'd make this mistake since you generally pull the NM from the south. We turned around after getting timer statue 041 and went clockwise. We ended up back at the MNK NM with time to spare so we kept killing. This is why I could see that 052 isn't up by default and only pops after aggro. The second mistake was that statues 054 and 055 pop when 057 is aggro'd. The map pop information says that they pop from 053. I pulled the first statue on the roof (056) before 053 and it didn't link.

Cleared the MNK house and made our way to the AH area to clear the statues southeast of there which we skipped on the first pass. My goal was to avoid any unnecessary risky pulls (for the most part) after we got the final timer. We weren't going for the win and so there was no real reason to pull NM's but since there weren't any statues left besides the ones at NM houses, which is why we cleared the MNK.

The lack of any risky crap (like clearing SMN house the previous Windurst run) made it so we didn't have any large wipes. Still some deaths. Mostly from statues hitting mages. We had Argonar as main sleeper and he does a really good job. I wasn't thinking straight when I put the main sleeper in the BLM party to refresh and cure them in addition to sleeping. It became obvious to me very early on that I had set that party up wrong. As a result I did a lot of Curing for the BLM party even though I was not part of that party. Thank heavens for stal. Biggest lesson from this run IMO was "put a dedicated refresher and healer in the BLM party". The bridges in this Dynamis make kiting statues pretty hard without getting hit or risk running it away from the other BLM's. So whenever we had more than two it was a matter of keeping BLM's and the person that was kiting the statues alive. There is no designated statue kiter, but by default it's the sleeper and puller.

In the end I think it was the most efficient run I've lead so far. No large scale wipes, lots of mob kills and good drops to boot!


  1. pics coming soon to woa blog :) .. another nice post amok ^^ .. keep it up

  2. Thanks! First blog comment: Check.