Friday, May 14, 2010

RDM/BLU in Dynamis

Last Dynamis we did Jeuno. I decided to try to do some crowd tanking myself this time. I geared up my PDT set on RDM, ate a Taco and subbed BLU. For the very first pull I asked everyone to not sleep the train right away. I wanted to see how much damage I took so that I could decide whether or not to switch jobs right then and there. I thought it looked promising and continued on.

The most obvious thing while taking hits waiting for the mobs to be gathered up is that Simulacra (the statues) have a super huge base damage. I'd still get hit for up to 200 with all my defensive measures. Most of the time it was in the low hundreds, so I could take it a while. Other Dyna mobs hit for (depending on their job) 10 to 30 damage. Sheep Song got me on multiple targets' hate list, then some barspells and buffs and I was set for when they woke up. I also pulled using aggro instead of ranged or magic. It was a bit more effective to get small pulls since it's so much faster than and precise. All in all it was very simple and effective and I'm going to keep doing it for City Dynamis.

For Northlands and probably Dreamlands Dynamis I'm going to try and get WHM to level 70 with a buffer so I can sac pull without great cost. Sac'ing on WHM is relatively common from what I've read, but since we don't have a WHM to spare most of the time, I might as well do it myself. My WHM was at level 66 before I decided bring it to 70. I made a MMM party on Wednesday and although the first run was kinda slow and really close (had to unsync near the end), Allied Ring + Anniversary Ring + Emperor's Band make for a nice chunk of exp.

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