Friday, March 5, 2010

A group new to Salvage

I think this topic has been covered many times on all popular FFXI forums. Our group has done 4 or 5 runs so far. We've decided to focus on one area until we get the hang of it. The area we picked was Silver Sea Remnants. Cell-wise it's supposed to be very friendly. At the moment we can do the Hammerblow room pretty smoothly. It took a while before we got a routine down that worked. Reworking the cell distribution order also seemed to play a part in that improvement.

Now it's time to kill that Brainjacking Long-Armed Chariot. Our previous run was our first real shot at it. The time before that we had very little time left since our killspeed is still pretty low and we didn't take the right path to skip certain floors. So on our first real go at the Megaboss we got it down to 30% before a tank went down. It was pretty MP intensive it seems. I'm not sure if it was fully enfeebled or if the tanks were making mistakes. I was too busy lining up to SA and TA in between its abilities. The times when I was kiting I noticed it missed me a lot. I could probably evasion tank it if I had to. Once Kingcem gets Monk to 75 and decently geared, I'm sure we'll do better in killspeed. However, since he's currently on NIN, I doubt he'll be better at tanking. So if we run out of MP halfway, something's really wrong. Too bad I can't put my finger on it just by replaying the fight in my head. I've suggested everyone bring a weak weapon to make it easier on people kiting charmed players.

A lot relies on simple routine and small details that get ironed out as people get mroe experienced. Just have to keep trying, I guess.

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