Monday, March 8, 2010

Moon Charioteer

Long-Armed Chariot defeated at our hands. Double Phobos' Gauntlets dropped... It died with about 10 minutes left and we started with a little bit less than 40 minutes left. I'm estimating a fight duration of 30-35 minutes. I'm just happy we got the win before switching zones, which we will do next Saturday. I really should post screenshots, this blog seems lacking without those.

The fight was pretty smooth. Only one death, which was from DoT on the DRG. Our BLM did a lot of damage towards the end pulling hate at some point. It certainly helped the kill speed, which makes me wonder how people do this in a timely fashion with damage from 2 DD tanks alone. I spend most of the fight out of range again. Getting bound, paralyzed and taking damage didn't seem like a good idea considering our previous MP issues. While kiting I noticed I couldn't reliably outrun Brainjack. If it's already too far when you start running then it's no problem. If you become its next target while you're next to it, you're going to get jacked. Also, if you're engaged, unless you blink out the animation, putting away your weapons stops you long enough for it to catch up and charm you. It's all a learning experience. I wonder how long before we start seeing completed pieces, since we left SSR with only these two 25 Ares' hands to show for it. Never even bothered to try Citadel Chelonian due to the difficulty of the pull and the 'need' to have a successful run. Don't want people to get demotivated and quit, which is what tends to happen after several failed runs in a row.

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