Monday, March 22, 2010

Server Merges

Today the version update will take place that merges my current server Kujata with Valefor. Of course it's not really a balanced merger, but an exodus from one world to another. Kujata will disappear and all characters will be copied (presumably in the same way as server transfers are done) to the destination server. Besides the seemingly unfair way that character names are dealt with and the sentimental value of having your world "destroyed", there are a lot of "serious" consequences to consider.

Economies will experience a shake up. It might be very unnoticable if new arrivals all consider auction history prices, but what about Bazaar prices? Undercutting may become rampant and turn it all into a buyer's market if players become paranoid or scared of losing their income. This will certainly effect crafters. Notoriously secretive and manipulative of supply and demand. These players will keep a close eye on the new competition and might make attempts at monopolizing certain items and their prices this again lowering prices. As a buyer I'm looking forward to this increase in supply and likely reduction in prices.

Considering the AH history there will soon be a chance for me to finish my HQ dartksteel set as well as getting my hands on some cheaper HQ Arhat gear. As a Chocobo Digger I'm glad there is always a market for raw materials. However, it's the only craft with such direct competition between participants. There's little more enfuriating than not being able to find any full "money" zones. Especially if your playtimes are very specific and limited. This will certainly happen more often, which is something I dread.

Endgame leaves me a bit cold, since I don't camp HNM's or do Dynamis. Limbus might see some fighting over zones, but our EU playtimes might help in that case. Competition over zones and pops really annoy players and is the source of "drama" and frustration. Why these things are so ubiquitous in a modern game is beyond me. I'm a supporter of endgame shells selling drops, since it's the only way for some people to get certain items and a good way to get LS members a "salary" for their time invested in events that don't otherwise benefit them. Certain items will become more attainable due to more mercenary Linkshells.

I don't believe people looking for EXP parties will see a great improvement. There are only so many camps available, meaning the growth in the number of parties is limited. In addition to that there is a strong trend away from pick-up parties over to LS parties. Since I believe that will only increase, the chances of getting a party are going to stay pretty much the same.

Campaign may finally see some more frequent stronghold ownage. Kujata hasn't had access to Splitting Heirs in a while, leading to pretty silly prices for Cuchulain's Mantle. Crapaud Earrings are much harder to find than Novio's Earrings.

All in all, I see more positives than negatives. I'm looking forward to the new people and the (albeit small) chance at new LS members.

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