Thursday, March 11, 2010

MMM Voucher 06 is a pain

Let me preface by saying that being 0 for 2 is completely my own fault. It doesn't make it less frustrating, though. It probably makes it worse. I informed myself really well (I thought) and I was convinced after the first try that I would beat it the second time around. This morning I proved myself wrong by making some very unnecessary mistakes.

It started beautifully. I take a stroll over the bridge to find the shortcut which lead to the lower map. At this point I'm thinking "Great, now I don't have to walk down the stairs". I walk for about a minute and find the first papetrie (of a total 3 needed to win the maze). I ignore all forcers and glowing points since I don't want to waste any time. Before having even seen a mob on the lower map I find the second papetrie. This must have been about 5 minutes in at the most. Next I try the farthest tunnel but there's a doll patrolling the 3 way junction. Being of high spirits I decide to not wait, but to use an ITEM! I decide I want to save my bug costume for later I use the box costume right behind the doll and wait for it to run past me. If you're familiar with Voucher 06 you might be face-palming right now. Dolls aren't fooled by the box, so Death#1. I run past it in the direction I wanted to go in the first place. Apparently your temp items don't drop where you die, they drop at the place you get hit. So I had to track back. I cast RR first and go pick up the items. I don't recall exactly what happened but I think I got detected the second time because I simply took too long. I had to pick up two items and run out of range before the doll turned and I just wasnt' fast enough. So I die again. Still no huge deal. THEN! I decide to cast RR again but this time get magic aggro for being a doofus and I head for the hills. I managed to outrun the doll, thankfully or else that 3rd death would have ended the entire run, since I had no RR. I took the shortcut back up. I know that doesn't reset aggro from what I read on wiki. So I cast Deoderize and wait a while. I go back down and guess who runs up to greet me? I die a third time. Head back to pick up my loot and go back up the shortcut again to hand them in. The last paptrie had to be somewhere on the upper map. I get slowed down on the way there and had to use bugs to get past. I had no more Eau de Moblin or another bug costume, so I knew it was pretty hopeless coming back. I find the third paptrie with 50 seconds left. Maybe in full dash without any stops I could have made it back while weighed down, but unfortunately I was out of items. I still tried to find some but timed out. If only the copied tabula didn't have Trial by Budget on it (cuts your total time down by 4 minutes).

The magic aggro was the point where it all went irreversibly wrong. Having to run down that long tunnel in order to survive. Coming back and dying anyway. Running all the way back to the dropped treasure and then back AGAIN to hand them ate up most of my time in the maze. I suppose I have to be more willing to suffer these defeats or give up doing things solo entirely. To that end I will take deep breaths and try again tomorrow.

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