Sunday, March 14, 2010

Requiem of Sin solo pt.3

I gave it another go today. This is actually my third attempt, but I'm not going to talk about the second one. All I'll say is that I rushed over there to make it on time forgetting some gear and food. Then I start off on the wrong macro page after using CS losing some of my starting MP. I wipe pretty early on. This attempt was much more controlled and made sure not to make those mistakes again. Even so, I still managed to forget eating food. That took a considerable amount of punch out of my nukes. I couldn't even break 700 like I did on my first attempt. I think I may have missed something else as well, because I don't think the INT from Cream Puffs could have made that huge difference I was seeing.

I take down X but I see the other two waking up out of the corner of my eye. I try to convert before they reach me, but Z uses jump for nearly 500 damage to take me down.

I raise and make macros for the Wyvern phase. I didn't have them yet because I was being pessimistic as usual. I buff up and go into the final stretch. ES Sleepga then Gravity then nuke with all I got. Shikaree's wake up while I'm still nuking, but they're slow and I managed to kill the Wyvern on time. Didn't expect Water3 to do such awful damage. I want to buy a Vulcan's Staff and use Fire3 the next time around even though these 4 nukes were enough.

After this I take a beating from the Shikarees while kiting because I obviously am still inexperienced at it. It was mostly pathing. I thought I'd be able to make large circles, but this lead to being WS'd on while in full kite! I only managed to take Y down to 90% before dying. Knowing I couldn't hope to kite them weakened and not having enough time to unweaken, I decide to give up for now.

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